Think launching a product business has to be scary and overwhelming?

Think again!

Let me guess.

You’re a passionate ‘almost founder’

You’re pretty sure you have a genius business idea that’s yet to see the day of light. And you’ve been stuck in this limbo of: “I’d love to do it, but I simply don’t know how.”


You’ve been searching non-stop for THE idea worth pursuing. But your mind keeps chiming in with: “Forget it. It’s all been done before.”

Are you ready to change your narrative?

Hi, I’m Simone Goodrick

Multi-passionate entrepreneur, product business expert and proud mum of 2 little boys
Oliver + Tom is where I currently get to marry my love for business, product development, branding & interiors.

If you’re new around here, let’s start with a recap:

Oliver + Tom is my business baby and a boutique pantry label brand that takes the stress & overwhelm out of creating your dream pantry. All while making BIG waves within the industry.

Since launching on 1 July 2021, in the middle of a global pandemic, Oliver + Tom has quickly become Australia’s largest pre-curated label brand with a long list of impressive milestones well before our 1st birthday.


Sold out of spice jars within the first 8 weeks of business


Reached 6-figure turnover within the first 6 months


Approached by a multinational company to acquire us within the first 8 months


Moved out of the home office into a warehouse before our 1st birthday

But this success hasn’t come out of the blue

I know what I’m doing. Because I’ve lived and breathed product businesses for years.

My personal product journey started as a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed teenager in my dad’s mannequin business.

That saw me get my hands dirty packing orders, tackling any job that needed to be done, and selling to walk-in customers in our showroom.

But, on the flipside, it also opened up the most amazing opportunities and took me to the most exciting places.

At 19, I was exhibiting at trade shows in Las Vegas and Duesseldorf. And the whole experience lit me up.

From designing our booth and liasing with the trade show organisers to booking the stock onto the ships and creating all the marketing materials. I was in my element.

And on the first day of my first show, I was hooked. It was mind-blowing to watch all the moving parts come together as I set up our empty booth.

But that was only the beginning.

From curiosity comes opportunity

- Across 15 years within the business, I had worked my way up from novice allrounder to general manager.
- Not because I was daddy’s little girl, but because I was willing to get in there and learn on the job.
- And over the years, I had left a lasting impact on the business.

01. Contracts worth $2.7M involving national rollouts to major retail chains in the USA

02. Over 10 USA trade shows and 2 European shows

03. Visits to manufacturing facilities in Australia, China & the USA

04. A deal that saw our mannequins in David Jones stores nationally

Then the online space called me.

And I simply couldn’t resist.

With the booming online space, I saw huge opportunities and felt called to pursue my own business adventures.
I knew how to liaise with overseas manufacturers and clients.

And I was ready to make a move.
What followed were incredibly rewarding and mind-blowing business ventures like these:

- Launching my own range of Australian brands and sourced products into the Chinese market (ultimately operated from my own trade office in Chengdu, China).

- Establishing a health supplement brand that was doing very well online through a major distributor in Hong Kong.

- Launching a famous Australian skincare brand onto one of China's largest e-commerce platforms.

The BIGGEST thing I’ve learned?

It’s up to you to create opportunities.

As I’ve added ‘mum’ to my job title and my family needs have changed, so has my approach to business.

The approach that’s worked for me throughout my MANY successful business ventures?
I’ve become GREAT at harnessing my hands-on industry expertise and the HUGE opportunities of the global online marketplace.

Let me help YOU set yourself up for success

Ready to form, grow and evolve your BIG idea together?

What it takes is the right approach and guidance so it supports your lifestyle and expectations. If you want to nail the ins and outs of starting, running and growing a product-based business on your terms with guidance from an industry expert who’s earned her stripes over 15+ years in the nitty gritty…then you’re in the right place.

I’m currently working on a program to support women like you on your journey towards a product business dream that suits your lifestyle, family and goals.

What you can expect?

Actionable and proven support with…


Founder Mindset


Product Development


Sourcing from China


Pricing Architecture





Join the VIP launch list today

And take the first step towards the business of your dreams.

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